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Touch-less Automatic Spray Sanitizer

Did you use an ATM? Did you put gas in your car? If you were at the playground - did your kids touch the swings and slides? Did you press the elevator buttons?
We touch a lot of things in common and that’s how diseases are spread

Now we can fight back! This Touch-less Automatic Spray Sanitizer can help reduce bacteria and germs! 

The Fastest, Effective Way To Clean Hands!

  • TOUCH-LESS ACTIVATION - With the proximity infrared sensor the sprayer will automatically spray once hands/objects are detected. no need to touch any pump/handle/surface and risk additional contamination.
  • MAXIMUM COVER -  Delicate and evenly spray results in maximum coverage of alcohol cleansing spray on your hands, mobile phone, car keys, more uniform coverage thorough sterilization.
  • KILL 99.99% - Use 70% ethyl alcohol alongside with water, to refill the automatic spray container to kill many common harmful germs and bacteria.
    convenient to refill, no extra chemicals, no residues.
  • SMALL COMPACT AND PORTABLE - With no wall mounting, this automatic spray is compact and easy to carry and move location at any time. you can place it in kitchen, bathrooms, living room or just near your door.
  • SIMPLE & STYLISH DESIGN - Clean and tidy simple design style, meticulous workmanship, practical and durable.

Practicing overall good hand hygiene works wonders in keeping your hands clean, and yourself from getting sick.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are very effective at keeping microorganisms at bay and preventing viruses and bacteria that can make you sick from getting into your system.
With the Touch-less Automatic Spray Sanitizer ONE SPRAY helps REDUCE BACTERIA

Protect the HEALTH of the Whole Family! 

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