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PolyClay 36 Colors Air Dry Clay Kit

The Original PolyClay by WizoPlay!

With 36 bright colors, silicone molds, cute noses, googly eyes, keychains, rings, suction cups, hangers, sculpting tools and instructions, it’s easy to see why kids LOVE the original PolyClay set by WizoPlay! And parents love it too! There’s no mess, overpowering smell, or color residues so it’s easy to clean and less fuss for busy parents.


  • Fun “Gummy Bear” Texture - PolyClay is lightweight for toddlers hands. The soft silk texture is like marshmallow to mold without sticking to their hands and then air dries into a non-brittle gummy bear-like texture so their cool creations won’t break.

  • Easy To Tidy Away - Each color has its own individual storage tub, so kids can pack it tidily for another day! PLUS, the tubs of soft clay and accessories all fit neatly into the latched box. Kids can take their fun clay factory on holiday if they want!

  • Non-Stick, Décor Friendly Clay - Because we use safe polymer clay, it won’t stick to kids hands and it won’t stick to YOUR furniture either. It’s 100% color safe so you won’t find little colored fingers, or little colored fingerprints on the walls. Not to be eaten though!

What’s Inside The Pack?

  • A colorful rainbow with 36 sensory delights
  • 3x Clay Tools to help them carve and create more shapes
  • 5x Tiny Silicone Molds
  • 5 Pairs of Googly Eyes and 10x Noses!
  • Keychains, hangers, metal rings and suction cups!
  • Handy booklet showing all the cool things they can make!
  • Craft supplies box to store EVERYTHING in!
  • No BPA or Pthlates, and Wheat and Gluten Free

      The GREATEST Clay Kit for Little Hands (and Tidy Parents!)

      As soon as they remove it from the tub your kids will melt over the foamy marshmallow texture that’s not sticky at all. Ultra light and easy to mold and sets in 24 to 48 hours (depending on the size of the model) to a fun “gummy bear” like texture with no kitchen fuss! No mess, overpowering smell, or color residues, kids can go FULL OUT in their creative activities. And when they finally run out of all that clay, they can use the carry case to pop their toys in!

        Get your very own Polyclay 36 colors kit now while supplies last!